Tiny bites of bliss

Then: riding my bike down a steep hill

Now: getting all the washing and ironing done


Then: climbing high into a tree

Now: climbing into clean sheets


Then: slightly chemically enhanced on the dance floor

Now: a challenging yoga class


Then: watching my favourite band

Now: watching my favourite birds


Then: catching bugs in the garden

Now: photographing bugs in the garden


Then: making small things for my dolls

Now: making small things for other people’s dolls


Then: swimming through cool water

Now: swimming through cool water


Then: seeing how far I can stretch a lolly snake before eating it

Now: seeing how far I can stretch a lolly snake before eating it


Some things never change.

(C) Jennifer B Goodwomangonetowaste.wordpress.com

Who’s Who at the Zoo

There’s a queue, I thought there may be,

Families, lots of kids,

And here am I alone,

I must seem strange,

Although I suppose I could be meeting someone here.


It’s crowded, not ideal,

But it’s so long since I’ve been here,

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for ages,

And it is my birthday treat,


It’s hotter than I thought,

Should have worn a hat,

But then there’s hat hair, can’t stand that,

And for some reason I can’t take photos with a hat on,

The shadow puts me off,

And I intend to go snap happy.


It’s far too peopley,

Ironic, as that’s why I’m here alone,

Just can’t deal with anyone at the moment,

They’ve disappointed me too much,

So I look at the wild animals,

And try to capture their essence,

And realise they are far better behaved,

Than the ones on my side of the barriers.

(C) Jennifer B Goodwomangonetowaste.wordpress.com


I look at the ring I am so familiar with,

That I saw thousands of times,

On her left hand,

Worn for years, decades,

In place of the wedding ring,

No longer binding.

I place it on my finger,

As I have done before,

When she was in hospital, dying,

And it became too loose,

But now in her absence,

It looks so strange, so foreign,

I have to look twice.

I know it has not altered,

So I must have.

(C) Jennifer B Goodwomangonetowaste.wordpress.com

Much Loved

Someone actually said it –

Well, wrote it –

‘You are much loved,’


And the only image that sprang to mind was Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her,

With her middle shot out by Bruce Willis,

And a song lyric from Kate Bush’s Lilly kept going around in her head:

‘It feels like life has blown a great big hole in me,’


And that’s exactly how she felt,

Because being loved,

Isn’t the same as feeling loved.


She used to think that perhaps she wasn’t capable of feeling loved,

But now she knew it was just that she wasn’t being made to feel loved,

Because saying you love,

Isn’t the same as showing you love,

And it was rarely said, let alone shown.


The hole grew bigger and bigger.

(C) Jennifer B Goodwomangonetowaste.wordpress.com